Pressure Vessel Engineering

Pressure Vessel Engineering specializes in providing Finite Element Analysis (FEA), ASME code calculations, solid modeling and drafting, and Canadian Registration (CRN) assistance for the pressure equipment industry. Established in 1999 we have grown to be an industry leader serving a global customer base.

FEA Stress Analysis

Finite Element Analysis is the world’s most accepted tool to design pressure vessels that do not fall under standard ASME code rules. FEA is not only an economical alternative to destructive testing, but also calculates permissible fatigue and thermal service life. In over 1500 FEA based ASME code compliance reports we have clearly shown product safety or shortcomings. Do you need our FEA help on your next project?

ASME Code Calculations

For CRN or National Board registered vessels, compliance with ASME code calculations is mandatory. We use industry standard Compress, Design Calcs and PVElite code software coupled with our own spreadsheets to ensure that your vessels are safe and comply with code rules. We can also run FEA to cover design features not found in code books. We have designed or reviewed over 4000 ASME compliant pressure vessels and fittings. Do you need our help on a code project?

Canadian Registration (CRN)

Canada’s registration system is becoming slower, more restrictive and much more expensive. Many experienced companies find that they can no longer navigate our system without expert help. We are Canada’s leading combined design and registration service provider with over 2000 registrations, many in multiple provinces. We do more than just submit paperwork; we also help resolve technical questions from reviewers. Do you need our help with your CRN?