Alberta Boilers and Safety Association (ABSA)
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Suite 101
9119-82 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
Canada, T6C 024

Contact: Design Survey
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Alberta AB-31application form must be used for all registrations.

Alberta AB-41 statutory declaration form must be used for fitting registrations.

Alberta Safety Codes ActRevised Statutes of Alberta 2000 Chapter S-1 Current as of December 17, 2014Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation Alberta Regulation 49/2006 With amendments up to and including Alberta Regulation 158/2014 Pressure Equipment Exemption Order Alberta Regulation 56/2006 With amendments up to and including Alberta Regulation 158/2014

Summary of Registration Requirements:

Pressure Vessel – 2 sets of drawings, 1 set of design calculations, AB-31 application form

Fitting – 2 sets of drawings, 1 set of design calculations and 2 original notarized statutory declaration forms, AB-31 application form.

Piping – 2 sets of drawings with P. Eng. Stamp, 1 set of design calcs, AB-83 or AB-83F application form, AB-96 piping application form (see guide to filling out AB-96 form).


ABSA has a rate schedule, however surveys are charged out by the hour, not per the rate schedule.

Standard – $146/hour, 3 weeks typically, some old jobs are still taking a year to finish, so averages do not yet apply.

As of Mar 2016, most registrations are happening in 3 weeks. We are still trying to get some old reviews finished that have been ongoing for a year, but all new submissions are going much better. We remain optimistic about changes happening at ABSA and have seen much progress. We feel that companies that have abandoned Alberta should try again!