ASME Code Pressure Vessel Design

PVEng started in 1999 as a one person company located in the founder’s basement. The first paying job was the design of an ASME rated water filter 10 feet diameter by 15 feet tall. A faxed pencil sketch was turned into an AutoCAD drawing with Excel calculations. Other early jobs were for calculations only or review and P. Eng. stamp of calculations and drawings by others.

4,000 jobs later a lot has changed. Fax has been replaced by email. Calculations that used to be done in Excel are now done in industry standard programs like Compress, Design Calcs, PV Elite and Nozzle Pro. AutoCAD has been replaced with SolidWorks unless required by our customers. Finite Element Analysis has been added to solve problems that cannot be solved by the application of code rules. And the company of one is now nearing twenty. However, through all the changes, the mix of jobs has remained the same. While ASME code design is still our core focus, we now work to more ASME standards: I, IV, VIII-1, VIII-2, B31.1 B31.3 and others such as API-620 and 650. Although we use commercial design software where we can, we also have an extensive library of spreadsheets for applications where nothing else will work.

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