Canadian Registration Number (CRN)

CRN registration is a core component of the services we supply to our customers. We are Canada’s largest supplier of combined design and registration services. We have helped customers from around the world obtain over 2000 CRN numbers, many in multiple provinces.

Many companies that are expert in the pressure vessel field find that they can no longer successfully navigate Canada’s complex system which is increasingly varying between provinces, or even just between reviewers within a given province. Our services go beyond just handling paperwork – our in depth review process removes many issues prior to submission of documents. We also have the knowledge to help resolve many technical and procedural questions from jurisdictions on our own reducing the burden on our customers.

Canada’s CRN system is getting more difficult, more expensive and slower. Do you need expert help getting your products registered?

Most Requested Information

Essential CRN Resources

CRN Provincial Contacts

Provincial Contacts and Requirements

Basic information for the CRN system: Provincial websites and contacts. Application forms and other paperwork. Legislation, rates and review times. Plus, fitting categories requiring registration and when engineer’s stamps are required.

crn piping

Piping – Do I Need a Registration?

New: Hydraulic and Refrigeration System Exemptions. —- This province by province guide explains which piping systems needs to be registered and which are exempt. Lots of flowcharts, legislation extracts and links to useful jurisdiction guides.

burst test

Burst Testing

Burst testing is an essential method of proving fittings and vessel components for CRN registration or general ASME use. Calculation methods and restrictions that vary by code are discussed. CRN reporting requirements which go beyond ASME code are discussed.

CRN Manufacturers

Products with CRNs

A helpful start to finding CRN registered fittings. This directory lists fittings by category, provides descriptions and includes links to the manufactures websites. A discussion on finding CRN registered products is also included. Very Popular.

Understanding the CRN System

Introduction and FAQ

A quick introduction to the CRN system. What gets registered in which provinces and products that are always exempt. Acceptable QC programs. Differences from National Board. When to apply and Frequently Asked Question,

Do I Need a Fitting with a CRN?

Fitting Classifications, fittings exempt from registration, assemblies of registered fittings, fittings in piping systems, special rules on stand alone fittings and confusion over fittings that cannot be registered.

Guide to CRN Numbers

An in depth guide to identifying vessel, piping and fitting CRN numbers. How to tell which province first registered the product, and where else it is also registered. Also, how to combine registration numbers from multiple provinces into one number that fits on your nameplate.

Review Times and Costs

How much with a CRN cost, and how long will does it take? The answer is that it varies by province, reviewer within the province, and the complexity of the project. Basic data is provided to help understand how long your project will take to register.

Generic Vessel Registration

Once you have a generic CRN, you have a series of vessels that can be built with the removal of future registration costs and delays. Your designs have been locked down because different reviewers with differing requirements will not be looking at each job you are building. More companies should seriously consider generic registrations.

CRN Piping Sample

Registration of Piping in Canada is difficult. The rules are complex and vary by province. This sample is intended to help someone with little or no experience registering piping in Canada. Differences in provincial registration requirements are discussed.