Pressure Vessels and Boilers: ASME U stamps are required for pressure vessels signed off by National Board Inspectors. See TSSA’s list of acceptable inspection agencies.

Piping: requirements vary by province, see the QC section on the Piping – Do I Need a Registration Page?

Fittings: two things must be met :

  • 1) the requirements of B51 Annex F “Quality control program for manufacturers of fittings” must be met, and
  • 2) the program must be 3rd party audited (although this is not a requirement of CSA-B51, this is mandatory). Various 3rd party audited programs can be acceptable ranging from ISO, TUV, Mil Spec, ASME LLoyds, ABS, Det Veritas and provincial B51 programs. The party doing the auditing must be acceptable to the reviewer.

See TSSA document Guidelines for the Registration of Non-nuclear Fittings in the Province of Ontario for further information.  Usually a QC program is accepted based on the scope as written on the certificate without review of the actual program. Sometimes the scope as declared on the certificate is not clear or acceptable leading to a review of the actual program. For example many TSSA B51 piping programs only cover the scope of manufacturing piping systems and can not be used for the manufacture of fittings. Remember that the program only has to cover those items of the B51 Annex F that actually apply to the manufacture of the fitting being registered. For example it is not required to have a program cover welding if the fitting is made only by machining. From B51-14 “The program that the manufacturer uses shall be suited to its circumstances and reflect the complexity of the products produced.”