Service de l’inspection de la fabrication
D’appareils sous pression
545, boulevard Crémazie est, 7 ème étage
Montréal, Quebec
Canada, H2M 2V2

Phone: 514-873-6459 or 1-866-262-2084
Fax: 514-873-9936

La Régie du bâtiment website English: Pressure Vessels Page

Many of the employees are bilingual in French and English.

Regulation respecting pressure vessels An Act respecting pressure vessels (chapter A-20.01, ss. 27 and 28)

Summary of Registration Requirements:

Pressure Vessel – 2 sets of drawings, 1 set of design calculations

Fitting – 2 sets of drawings, 2 original notarized statutory declaration forms and 1 set of design calculations or test data. Use the Quebec statutory declaration form.

Piping is registered on site.


Standard – $150/hour 14+ weeks typically