Watch out for jurisdiction paperwork issues. About 1 in 20 issued CRN forms have wrongly listed drawing numbers, or CRN numbers on returned drawings not matching the number on the official paperwork making the registration paperwork unusable. Review the paperwork you get back and ask for corrections as required.

Currently it can take up to half a year to get registration paperwork back from Alberta AFTER the registration number has been granted by email or verbally. It is not possible to continue reciprocal registration in other provinces without the official paperwork. This is one reason why we do not currently use Alberta as a first province of registration on Canada wide projects.

Also watch out for these common mistakes when filling out paperwork:

BPV-D-09-01042 This is an Ontario tracking number, not a CRN!
OE07435.2 Wrong form – the first digit in this fitting registration is a “Zero”, not the letter “O”. The correct form is important if searching for product registrations.
0h10173.5 Fitting registered in Ontario, bad form – use capitals for the letters. This one is not critical, it just looks strange.
0H10173.5 The same fitting in correct form, all letters uppercase.