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Pressure Vessel Engineering Limited

120 Randall Drive, Suite B Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2V 1C6

Email: Phone: 519-880-9808 Fax: 519-880-9810

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Take the second driveway off of Randall Drive to get to our front door.

Design and Registration Services at PVEng

ASME Code DesignWe work to many ASME standards to design and validate pressure vessels, boiler, fittings and piping systems.

  • Compress, PV Elite, DesignCalcs and our own in-house software
  • ASME VIII-1, VIII-2, I, IV, B31.1, B31.3, B31.5

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)We use FEA to design and validate fittings and vessels that cannot be designed by rule-based codes like VIII-1 or B31.3.

  • Pressure, thermal, wind and seismic load analysis
  • Permissible service life (fatigue life)

Pipe Stress AnalysisPipe stress analysis is mandatory for British Columbia registration and it is recommended practice for many other systems.

  • Caesar II pipe stress analysis
  • Analysis to many piping codes including B31.1 and B31.5

Canadian Registration Number (CRN)We are Canada’s largest independent registrar of fittings, vessels and piping under the CRN program registering for more than a thousand customers.

  • Design, review and registration with P.E. / P. Eng. stamping for all provinces
  • Specific knowledge of what needs registration and what is exempt by province

About Us

Pressure Vessel Engineers has twenty years of successful experience in the pressure vessel field working for thousands of customers.

  • Six Professional Engineers on staff licensed to stamp and sign off on designs for use in all Canadian jurisdictions.
  • Fast and professional assistance from our team.

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