Pipe Stress Analysis

Pressure Vessel Engineering is now happy to offer pipe stress analysis to our customers. If you have questions or would like to request a quote for a pipe stress analysis please contact Ray Stroud at rds@pveng.com.

Services we offer

  • Caesar II thermal, flexibility and dynamic pipe stress analysis for codes B31.3, B31.1, B31.5 and others
  • Seismic analysis for British Columbia CRN registration
  • Vibration, acoustic and flow induced vibration & integrity review
  • API 579 Fitness For Service
  • Layout design, hanger, guide, anchor and expansion joint location and specification
  • Package piping design
  • Verification of equipment nozzle loads (WRC 107/537 297, VIII-2, API 560, 610, 616, 617, 650, 661, 662, HEI ) 
  • Water hammer transient flow analysis
  • Jacketed piping
  • Code compliance review and P.E. / P. Eng. stamping

More information coming soon!

Unbalanced expansion loop


Pipe rack with elevated risers

Motion of pipe in pipe rack with elevated risers

Tower with guided flexible pipe connection

Pipe stress analysis of the fictional but artistic piping system shown on our homepage.