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We have been using this material in house and thought others might find it useful.


Pressure Vessel Design Tools

These design tools help the user size, choose materials and determine vessel properties such as weight and volume. These design tools are useful for creating preliminary designs that meet the general rules and guidelines of ASME VIII Division 1. These tools can only be used for interior pressure calculations. For simplicity, not all aspects of the VIII-1 code are included – see the notes on each sheet to determine the scope.

Design Blogs

Checking Work

Checking your work is critical. Two concepts here: A finished design has calculations and drawings that match; and hand calculations can be done much better than they usually are.

This important topic is largely neglected in the formal training of our engineers and technologists. It is the first training topic for our new hires and their career success can partially be measured by how well they follow and then enhance the methods presented here. Once learned, a practitioner soon discovers that checking is not limited to ASME code work.