PVE-5522, Last Updated: May 22, 2014, By: LRB

Can I Use Nozzle-Pro for a CRN submission? Quick Answer: No.

FEA made easy

We love this program but we are not allowed to use it as often as we would like to. 

Although Nozzle-Pro is a very good design tool for the use of designing pressure vessel nozzles and beyond, it does not follow one of the multiple finite element analysis standards recently required in various Canadian jurisdictions. Currently there are five different pressure vessel FEA guidelines in Canada. It would not be feasible to make a program like Nozzle-Pro meet all the different requirements.

We like using Nozzle pro for the project design phase, but when CRNs are involved, we remove the results from the final calculation package. Sometimes we can get the less accurate but more familiar WRC 107/297 methods to show a pass after we are done with Nozzle-Pro. These results are what get submitted to the jurisdictions. If the Nozzle-Pro results are required for the submission package, they have to be replicated in standard Finite Element Analysis packages with the report tailored to the reviewing jurisdiction.

Caution: Some reviewers require physical testing such as strain gauging to prove an FEA. See Evolving Acceptance below.