File: 3783, Last Updated: June 7, 2012, By: LRB

Q: I registered a part last year without any problem. Now the jurisdiction will not allow the same design method on a similar part. Should I reference my previous design as proof that the design is in use and safe?

A: No. Customers have lost registrations doing this. The reviewer can revoke the past registration stating that it was originally made in error. It is best to leave existing CRNs alone.

Q: I started my registration process in province X, now province Y says that the original review by province X overlooked important issues and is sending a letter to the original reviewer. What should I do?

A: Don’t panic. If there is a real problem, be grateful that it has been found. Most of these complaint letters are coming from one province, and most reviewers in other provinces are just ignoring them. Experienced CRN applicants do not send proof of registration to certain provinces.

Q: My registration bill is four times higher than the last time for a similar design. What can I do to get this fixed?

A: Registration fees vary most by reviewer and secondly by Province. The leading cause of an increase in billing is a change of reviewer. Be cautious about complaining – some jurisdictions will re-review design files on receipt of a complaint. This can result in finding new design issues causing the immediate cancellation of the registration number. You now have more design work and further invoices.