Registration Cost

After delivery time, the second most common question is the cost. Here are our average costs for 2011, our most recent study.

Chart of average review cost in 2011 by province.

* We make heavy use of Ontario’s expedited registration services (at 2x the regular service rates), and we start many of our Canada wide jobs with Ontario, providing proof of registration to other provinces to reduce their costs. (See B51 4.2.2 that allows one province to rely on the review of another province). If your application is submitted with regular service, expect fees roughly 2/3 of the value in the chart.

** The ACI number is an average of both single province/territory and multiple province / territory registrations. We budget $1200 for registration in all ACI member provinces/territories, and approximately $400 for a single province or territory.

A graph of the costs by province.

Average costs per jurisdiction per year. Alberta average costs can be seen to rise as large oil sand projects are being built again like in 2008. The reason for the Ontario price increase from 2009-2011 during the economic downturn is not known and is not matched in the other provinces.

Graph comparing review costs from 2006 to 2012

The graph shows how much the cost of registration can vary. For example, the Ontario average is $768 for 2011, but the range for all our data is from $100 to $10,000 representing projects that varied from simple to anything but! Be careful using averages.

As a guideline, we often suggest that customers budget $5000 for jurisdiction fees to get a vessel or fitting registered across Canada. Our customers are happier when the actual bill runs a bit under than when it runs over.